Nov 12, 2018

Here’s a shed, and here’s why it makes me sad for winter

I was walking my dog the other day and saw this shed: 

Here’s a shed, and here’s why it makes me sad for winter photo

I’ve walked past it a hundred times the past six months, but there’s a reason why looking right now makes me sad.  

No, it’s not because it could use a clean up, and no, it’s not because it’s probably full of mice and other rodents. It’s because in just a little over a month, that shed will be gone—covered entirely by snow.  

The owner of the shed doesn’t even try to clear the shed away—it just becomes lost to the heaps and heaps of snowfall this area accumulates.  But why does that make me sad? The snowfall doesn’t both me so much.  It’s the fact that we won’t see that shed again until April.  That’s right...five months of heavy snow.

Alas, that’s why they call this area Yukiguni (snow country), I suppose.



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