Dec 9, 2017

The Best Compensation for Holiday Shopping

There are so many great things about the Holiday season--the cheer, the music, the gift-exchange, etc.  Still, the one thing I think everyone dislikes is holiday shopping.  Don't get me wrong, Christmas shopping in Japan is nowhere near as bonkers as it is back in the states, but it does get a bit hectic, especially during the weekends.  

Today could have been one of those hectic days at the shop, but just as I was about exhaust my patience reservoir, I chanced upon my favorite Japanese pastry: Siberia Cake.

The Best Compensation for Holiday Shopping photo

Siberia Cake takes two of my favorite sweets--castella cake and yokan--and combines them into a delicious treat.  Haven't heard of it before?  That's not unusual.  Siberia Cake used to be popular during the late Meiji/Taisho era, but can be tough to find these days.  The only company that produces this with any regularity is Yamazaki, though you can find a few bakeries that still make it.

Fortunately, most big supermarkets (especially Seiyu and Aeon) offer these little gems in the pastry section, so if you need a pick me up after holiday shopping, treat yourself to one of these.  Almost makes me want to go back out to the shops.  Almost...



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