Nov 18, 2018

Japan Beer Tasting: Kirin Black Lager

A while ago, I wrote a quick post on here about Asahi Dry Black, and today I got a chance to try Kirin’s version of Black Lager. I am typically not a Kirin kind of guy, but I recently went to Nagasaki and had a chance to learn a little more about the origins of the brewery (but that’s a story for a different day...on to the beer).

Japan Beer Tasting: Kirin Black Lager photo

My critique of most Japanese black lagers is that they are heavy on the lager and light on the things that make a black beer good. Kirin’s Black Lager didn’t fall into that same trap. It has the robust flavor more similar to that of a stout or porter, but the lightness and finish of a lager. In that, I can say I really enjoyed it. For about two hundred yen a can, it’s about the same price as any normal Asahi/Sapporo/Kirin variety. If you’re looking for a nice compromise between a lager and a stout, I’d say the Kirin Black Lager is a pretty safe bet.

I’ve seen these sold at all of my local supermarkets, so they shouldn’t be hard to find if you’re interested in trying one for yourself!



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