Apr 28, 2018

Awesome Japan: Wheelchair-accessible phone booth

Japan has it's flaws, especially when it comes to the disabled.  I don't want to get into all of that though, because I'm writing to showcase an example of where Japan got it right in the most Japanese way possible: wheelchair-accessible phone booths.

Awesome Japan: Wheelchair-accessible phone booth photo

Sure, phone-booths may be nearly obsolete thanks to smartphones.

Sure, there's wi-fi available at that very spot. 

Sure, it's not even an international payphone and the phone booth is at the airport.

But hey, progress is progress.  I've never seen a wheelchair accessible phone booth in all my travels across the globe.  Have you?  Sure, it may not be the most dire necessity, but if there is a disabled patron who needs to access a phone, he/she now has the same services available as others--and equality is something I will never scoff at. 

Instead, I say, Well done, Japan.



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