Oct 19, 2018

New addition to our local Pre-School

I’m not sure how other Yochien are across Japan, but ours here in the inaka is full of animals.  The ever-present residents are rabbits, though we have seasonal tenants like kabuto-mushi and baby Koi (which are later donated elsewhere).  The school even brings in ayu (sweetfish) for the kids to catch and eat (yup, they gut the fish right in front of the children, too—something I never could see happening at a pre-school back in the states!)

Well, today after I dropped my daughter off, I saw some brand new residents:

New addition to our local Pre-School photo

Four little uzura.  For the scientifically-inclined out there, those are Coturnix Japonica, or—if you’re a layperson like me—Japanese quail.  

I’d never seen quail chicks up close before, but I’ll be doggoned if they’re not adorable little creatures.  I just hope the school isn’t raising them to go the way of the ayu...

If I had to venture a guess, one of the teachers found the birds and decided to use the school as a nursery, which I think is great since it teaches the children responsibility and appreciation for nature.

Not to mention, now I get the pleasure of seeing the little quails grow up!



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