Dec 9, 2017

Who'd have thought Don Tacos could be Nostalgic?

So my wife and I were out on a nice little date lunch and stopped by the local Marui supermarket that we had not yet visited (yes, leisurely strolling through a new supermarket counts as a date when you have two kids under three).  Of course, it was offered pretty standard fare that you would find in any regular Japanese supermarket, but it was nice just to be able to browse without the threat of tantrums or broken merchandise or whatever other trouble a toddler can get into at the market.  

As we were browsing, I stumbled upon these in the chips aisle:

Who'd have thought Don Tacos could be Nostalgic? photo

Don Tacos.

For my fellow Americans out there, you know that Doritos has the flavored-Nacho market cornered, but when I moved to Japan as a kid, you couldn't find Doritos anywhere.  Tough situation for a kid who loves Doritos, right?

Enter Don Tacos.  Those were the chips that all of us ate back in the day.  The flavor is completely different from your standard bag of Doritos, but I think that's what gave me such a strong sense of nostalgia when I saw it again.  I saw the bag, and suddenly I was back in middle school, splitting a bag of Don Tacos with my friends walking back to the train station (and yes, I'm aware that it is impolite to walk and eat, but tell that to a group of 12-year olds).

It is really funny what triggers memories and a sense of nostalgia. I never thought Don Tacos would be one of those things, but I guess we never really know until we stumble upon them.

Makes me wonder what other random things in Japan will bring about fond memories...



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