Jul 17, 2018

Best Japanese Ice Cream for younger kids

I’ve mentioned on city-cost my love of ice cream once or twice, and it seems that the apple doesn’t far from the tree. My daughter also loves the cold treat and asks for it anytime we go to the convenience store. I wish I could say that I had the willpower that my wife does in encouraging our daughter to choose veggie sticks over ice cream, but I would be a liar if I did.

Still, there are certain considerations when getting ice cream for a kid, especially in summer time. Have you ever tried eating a popsicle in this heat? It lasts all of 20 seconds before it’s a puddle in your hand and on the ground. Not only does that leave a mess, it leaves your child with no ice cream to eat, which usually results in tears.

Ice cream in a cup is better, but not without it’s challenges. If you get it from a convenience store, you usually get handed a tiny spoon that is more like a flat piece of plastic that turns into a nice catapult when you’re trying to get ice cream onto it. Take it from a guy who holds the world record in ice cream launching (or at least I would if anybody cared enough to record those things, which they shouldn’t), your better bet is to find another option, like this:

Best Japanese Ice Cream for younger kids photo

Enter Coolish. Now here is a solution for young children! The ice cream is kept in a little resealable pouch, and the ice cream can be drunk like a milkshake. The pouch itself is insulated to keep the ice cream cooler longer (and not freeze your child’s hands while holding it), and I have literally never had a mess made as a result of Coolish consumption. The price is decent as well, coming in at just under 100 yen! The standard flavor is vanilla, though I’ve seen many seasonal varieties on sale as well. You can find them in any convenience store or supermarket.

Do you have any ice cream recommendations for children? Any other great summer grab-and-go treats? Feel free to use the comments section below!



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  • edthethe

    on Jul 17

    im terrible! I love seeing my kid all messy so cones all the way, but it isn't the best for his clothing. I do like pino because he can eat it easily and papico because we can share.