Nov 20, 2018

Japan Beer Tasting: Abashiri White Ale

It’s that time again: Japan Beer tasting!

Up tonight was Abashiri White Ale.

Japan Beer Tasting: Abashiri White Ale photo

I haven’t made it all the way up to Abashiri, but my wife has, and she encouraged me to try it.  

I’m always game for a good White Ale, and seeing as Hokkaido is known for its German recipes and brewing techniques, I figured this had to be pretty good.

It was what you would want from a White Ale.  Refreshing with some citrus tones but a decent alcohol content.  I probably wouldn’t have it as an after-dinner beer, but if you need a good drink to pair with a meal, this is a solid choice.  

You can pick it up at your local supermarket for somewhere between 250-300 yen a can.

As a note, Abashiri was great and I’d get it again, though I would probably go for a different tag line than the one they chose: “Enjoy the smooth feeling on your throat...” 



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