Oct 17, 2018

A cool feature of Oita Airport

There are a surprisingly large number of airports in Kyushu despite the relatively small size of the island: in fact, every prefecture has one (Nagasaki has four!).  That said, we had a lot of choices on where to fly in/out during our last Kyūshū trip, but we settled on Oita airport.

Oita airport is small, but it may be one of the most relaxing airports I’ve ever visited.  It’s clean, the staff are friendly, and there’s a nice restaurant terrace, one place that even has places to sit and watch the flightline while you enjoy Oita speciality dishes (like Chicken Tempura).

A cool feature of Oita Airport photo

But one thing I really thought was the fact that it is the only airport in Japan where you can see three of Japan’s main islands:

A cool feature of Oita Airport photo

From the observation deck, you can see Kyūshū (obviously, since you’re on it), Shikoku (Ehime Prefecture), and Honshū (Yamaguchi Prefecture).

That was a neat little going-away treat for us, courtesy of Oita airport!



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