Sep 20, 2017

KFC's Tsukimi Sandwich

You may have seen at a number of fast-food restaurants around Japan that eggs have made their way onto the menu in recent weeks.  The "Tsukimi" options, I learned, are meant to commemorate the upcoming harvest moon, and the eggs are supposed to resemble that big pie in the sky.  I love eggs, so of course I wanted to try one.  We were near a KFC, so I grabbed a Tsukimi Chicken Filet.

Here's what the ad looks like:

KFC's Tsukimi Sandwich photo

Of course, the actual sandwich doesn't look quite as appetizing, but it did taste good.  I wasn't sure how I'd like the combination of poached egg and mayonnaise, but it was okay with the fried chicken.  Still, if you are not a fan of mayo, either ask for "mayonnaise-nuki" or find another option.  The egg and fried chicken combo, however, was really good.  I enjoyed it, and it provided a nice pick-me up to keep me going through the whole afternoon.

I give the KFC Tsukimi option 3.5 stars.  It's worth a try if you really like eggs; otherwise, maybe just wait for the next seasonal option.



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