Sep 8, 2017

More edamame than you can poke a stick at!

Here in the countryside we get a lot more "door knocks" than we ever did in the city. Part of it has been friendly neighbors wanting to introduce themselves, but another big part of it seems to be people wanting to sell stuff. My most recent "door knock" experience was a little old lady, who was selling fruit and vegetables. I assume she lives nearby (I haven't personally met her before) but since my husband wasn't home - and he's the Japanese speaker - I had to try and get by with my limited knowledge.

Long story short - I ended up buying a ridiculous amount of edamame because I didn't know how to say "I don't need all that edamame!" 

More edamame than you can poke a stick at! photo

Looks like I better start finding some different ways of preparing it! I don't mind eating it on it's own as a snack, but that's a loooooot of edamame! If anyone has any suggestions on good ways to use it up, let me know!



After spending the last several years in the beating heart of Tokyo, I will be spending the next three in the countryside of Japan. I adore this country and all it has to offer - and I'm always learning more and more about life here as I go along!


  • JTsuzuki

    on Sep 8

    Wow! What a story. One of those things that happen when you try to be nice and don't know the polite way to refuse things. I've been there hundreds of times. As for using them up, there are a number of recipes out there. You can throw the beans into salads, soups, and vegetable medleys easily. Also, if you're into smashing them, you can make a variety of dips and even try your hand at zunda, a sweetened, mashed-edamame mixture used as a traditional dessert in Miyagi. Some recipes: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/19300/ingredients/beans/edamame/ http://www.recipe.com/recipes/vegetables/edamame/ Zunda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nNtq8O7AT0 http://www.japanstyle.info/04/entry16337.html

  • genkidesu

    on Sep 8

    @JTsuzuki those are awesome suggestions - we've definitely been experiencing some cooler days out here so I see soup in my future! And I never even knew about edamame based desserts...that's so cool! Gonna have to give that a try, I think!