Jul 10, 2024

Feels like a quality product


Chestnut dorayaki with Ibaraki chestnuts

Brand: Chateraise

Price: 237 yen

Place of purchase: Chateraise


The description

This product is a chestnut dorayaki with Ibaraki chestnuts, and it's available at Chateraise stores across the country. It was priced at 237 yen including tax.

The good

Fun fact for you: Ibaraki Prefecture is Japan's top chestnut producing region, and this dorayaki from Chateraise uses locally sourced ones as a delicious filling. It feels like a high quality product but is priced fairly reasonably at 237 yen (including tax), and the whole thing clocks in at only 213 calories -- it's quite a satisfying, filling sweet treat, so this was a nice surprise. I liked that it had both chestnut paste and actual chestnut chunks in the filling, since it added a nice textural element to the dorayaki.

The not so good

If you're a true seasonal purist when it comes to your snacking choices, you might find this to be a bit of an odd choice for a summer item -- it definitely feels more autumnal, I think. In saying that, if you like all things chestnut then it's not a bad thing to be able to get your fix a little earlier than usual! Overall, I thought this was a solid product. All the components felt like they were high quality, resulting in a tasty snack for anyone who likes chestnut goodies. If you have a Chateraise store near you, definitely keep an eye out for it -- happy eating, and enjoy!



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