Jul 31, 2018

The rewards of volunteering

Because I volunteer at the local city daycares in my area, I receive gifts as a sort of payment for spending my time going out teaching each month. It is super sweet that the schools are kind enough to try and repay me, however, I don't expect anything. I mean it is completely of my own volition and I get such joy out of hanging out with them for such a small part of my day. Japanese hospitality still means the schools want to give me something back, and because I am contracted as a volunteer to enter the schools, they aren't allowed to give me monetary payment. So, instead, I get amazing cookies and coupons to the grocery store. It is great and the cookies are delicious. Recently, one of the schools decided to gift me a tosho card. It is a gift card that can be used at almost any bookstore. This prompted me to check out a couple of the bookstores in my area. Not something I would have done if I hadn't received the card because I typically buy all my books online. However, while walking around, I noticed a trend in the stores. Where all of the adult coloring books from last years obsession had been, there was now a new form of coloring. Scratch off coloring books. Some of them had holographic prints, but all of them were the black scratch off with bright colors underneath. The rewards of volunteering photoTempted to get one, I questioned myself because I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it or not. The pleasure in coloring for me comes from choosing the colors as well as applying it to the paper. Would scratching off all that black be as pleasing? I opted to get a sewing book and a book for my son instead and left the coloring books behind. Then I went to Daiso as I always do. Low and behold there were three different boxes of scratch-off coloring. Of course, I picked one up. They are very satisfying. A bit flaky and messy, but they are so easy to carry around. No need for a box of pencils, just a wooden stick and relaxing art. Deciding where I want my swirls and dots and lines is just as fun as choosing which color I want. The rewards of volunteering photo

I would have never noticed them at Daiso had I not seen them at the bookstore first.



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