Jul 16, 2018

Air conditioners in school

My daughter came home from school last weekend and did just like she is supposed to. She took out all of her homework, put her swim clothes and towel to be washed, and then put her chopsticks and water bottles in the sink. That is right water bottles. With an s. Two adult sized water bottles drained completely during her day at school. Normally during summer she only ever takes one. I mean they are hella heavy. It has been extra hot as well, but that wouldn't really warrant the necessity for two bottles would it? I mean, they have air conditioning in their classrooms. Unlike when I first moved to Japan and started teaching. My first day in class i probably sweat a buckets worth in the first class period. There were only three fans attached to the ceiling that sorta swiveled around moving the hot dense stale humid air around the crowded room. The students near the edges probably got a whiff of that breeze from the fans every ten seconds or so. Us teachers up at the front. Not even the whiff. But then something magical happened. All of the schools in our town installed air conditioners. Seems it was the same here in Oizumi.

Air conditioners in school photo

So what was my daughters deal? Why the extra water? She told me it is because even with the air conditioning on the temperature in the classroom was 32 degrees Celcius. That is still miserably hot to have to sit in and try to concentrate. They aren't allowed to drink during class time, but by the end of the period she has already sweat out whatever she drinks during break time. Japanese schools aren't designed to hold in the cool air or keep out the beating suns rays. There are windows along the east and western walls, and no insulation. At. All. They have heavy black sheets along the balcony windows to try and combat a bit of the sun's intensity, but no matter how hard the air conditioner works, it is a moot point. However 32 degrees is better than the 45 degrees I saw my first year teaching. Maybe one day Japan will begin rethinking its design for its schools.



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