Mar 9, 2017

Are you above average at Japanese?

For all of you worried about your Japanese language skills, don't worry too much. Apparently even native Japanese aren't all that great at Japanese tests. My daughters who are in 2nd and 3rd grade came back yesterday with their national test scores. It gives a lovely bar graph, so they can see where they line up on the national average. Ignoring the fact that my 3rd grader received a 14 percent on her "kokugo" (Japanese) portion of the test, even other Japanese kids don't seem to be doing too hot. The national average is 57%! That's just barely above half of the questions correct. This wouldn't be considered a passing grade in the states.

Are you above average at Japanese? photoSo if you are still struggling with the JLPT, know that the struggle is real! Even for kids growing up with the language.



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  • SalarymanJim

    on Mar 11

    I've heard that Japanese people wouldn't be able to pass JLPT N1. I don't know how true that is.

  • edthethe

    on Mar 12

    @SalarymanJim that sounds pretty accurate. I have university friends that use easy read news websites because they struggle with reading real newspapers. the grammar and word choice are just not often seen. I think the average american would also have a difficult time in a business setting for the same reasons though. doesnt make anyone less smart, but shows just how smart people can be to pass the n1

  • SalarymanJim

    on Mar 28

    @edthethe Yea, I recon so. Getting N1 seems like a world away to me.