Apr 21, 2017

Local elections

There may be local elections in my town very soon. Local elections photoI've seen a few posters of candidates around at parks and things.But the biggest sign is the abundance of saying trucks riding around the past two days. They are basically non stop driving around the neighbour hood with loud speakers on their roofs greeting people they see in the streets, announcing their name. There are about 4 different trucks that cross paths and echo back and forth in a crazy cacophony of friendly propaganda.  I'm used to the sound trucks announcing they want to pick up garbage, or the one red wing van that drives around but rarely use his speaker. But this is ridiculous? How's everyone else's noise pollution lately? Have you witnessed these sound trucks yet?



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  • Tomuu

    on Apr 21

    Don't get me started on this sort of thing! I could go on forever. The politicians in trucks are a particular annoyance. If I could vote, if would choose to vote for the quietest one! I do find Japan, at least urban Japan, to be a noisy country, much more so than where I come from. I'd like to know if it bothers the locals as much as it does me?

  • KevinC

    on Apr 21

    On weekdays, those politicians like to stand in front of the train station blocking the walkway while everyone trying to catch the train. On weekends, they like to turn on those speakers while everyone try to catch up on sleep.