Jan 31, 2018

School lunch refund

My eldest daughter didn't have class last week for half of the week due to the majority of her classmates being out with the flu. This happens every year. Undoubtedly one of them misses nearly a week of school. I'm mostly just grateful that this year they aren't the ones sick. Knock on wood. 

But something I find strange is how the school deals with the school lunch. We pay each month in advance, and considering the amount of food the girl's get, it is relatively cheap. However, instead of the school refunding the money for the three days missed, my daughter came home with a bag of cakes and a juice. 

School lunch refund photo

Last year, my youngest came home with a similar sack, but also with chips and things in it as well. 

As a mother, I'd rather my children weren't given cake in exchange for their lunches, and as a poor person I'd prefer them to just put the extra money toward the next month. 

What about you guys? How do you feel about this?



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