Jul 10, 2018

Garbage station distance

I mentioned earlier about accumulating garbage and it is still a bit of a problem, even at our big spacious new house. Now that we have enough space to keep it hidden from sight, it is also hidden from mind and I seem to skip recycling day too often. If I kept up with the amount that we go through on a bi-weekly basis, this would not be as big of a complaint. However, now that we have moved out of our apartment and the disposal site is no longer around the corner, but instead a good 5-minute walk down the road, garbage duty has become troublesome. Before if I happened to miss a month or two, I could get my daughters or even my toddler to help out.

Garbage station distance photo

My son loves helping mommy do anything.

Now the walk is too far for him to carry anything, and I wind up having to carry him back instead. It is too distant to comfortably just leave him at home either. The girls would probably end up late for school if I tried to burden them with the task of carrying it out as well. On rainy days, the task is even more bothersome. I tried holding an umbrella, five bags of recyclables including glass jars and my toddler's hand. Something had to give. We just got very wet that day.

When I first found out where the garbage station is located, it was from my lovely neighbors who are an elderly couple. They were joking about how at first they despised it too but now they are thankful the dump is a good distance away because it forces them to get out and have a nice morning walk at least three times a week. Taking out the garbage keeps them young. 

I am grateful that the garbage station is no longer practically at our doorstep and maybe when I am getting too old to get out the house much anymore, I will appreciate the long morning walks too.



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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 11

    Ours is a walk too!! I don't mind it when the weather is good, but when it's snowy and miserable it's hard! But you're right - there is something nice about not being right next to everyone's trash!

  • edthethe

    on Jul 11

    @genkidesu oh I can't imagine the snow! Recently it's the heat that makes it miserable. Even at 7 in the morning its burning.