Jul 31, 2018

Barbeque Yakisoba is so in right now

Barbeque Yakisoba is so in right now photo

Yakisoba is the one food that can be made at home and it still tastes just as good as the stuff you would eat at a restaurant or from a food stall. So when I found a pack that was bbq flavored I was excited to try it out. It did not disappoint. The seasoning packet tasted more like barbeque flavored potato chips than barbeque sauce like I thought it would. I was glad for it. We mixed in some leftover meat and vegetables form the barbeque we had by the river the Sunday before.Barbeque Yakisoba is so in right now photo Oh what a good decision. It is summertime and therefore bbq season. See if you can find yourself some delicious bbq inspired dishes as well.



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