Aug 24, 2018

New cellphone

My husband recently bought a new cell phone. He finally switched from Android to an iPhone. This means that he is not used to it and he is definitely more of the type to read the manual before diving into a new gadget. The things is with smarty phones though, they don't come with any instructions. So while he was at the soft bank store he asked if they had a manual of some sort. This is what he received.

New cellphone photo

"The fun was to learn iPhone: and easy explanation guide" it even has easy to understand pictures. My husband and I laughed because it is basically a guide for old folks that don't quite know how to work a smart phone. It explains how to open the camera and take a picture, or how to get to the browser for internet access. Unfortunately anything more complicated is left out. 

We decided to just go online and look everything up that his new phone could do, but the good have is a good giggle.



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