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Hit by a car, Part 1

There are a few things in my life that I regret happening. Some of them were my fault and completely preventable. But others, nothing could have been done because they were totally out of my control. Two years ago was one of those things. I was pregnant at the time with my son.   The clinic where I eventually gave birth had asked me to come in so they could test me for gestational diabetes. I’m going to pretend that it is something everyone has to do,not that I was being singled out for being overweight or anything *coughcough*. I mean, I had no symptoms and it wasn’t part of the standard testing that comes with pregnancy, but let's just leave it as concern for my health and the baby’s. In order to test for diabetes though, the doctor needs to know how much my body processes sugar in a set amount of time, and to get a good reading, I would need to be on an empty stomach. So the night before, I had an early dinner and then no breakfast the following morning as I checked into my 9 am doctor’s appointment. They took my blood and everything was ready to go. I downed a bottle of sugar water, then sat in their overly crowded waiting area for an hour until my second blood check and another bottle of sugar water. Then another hour long wait until the final blood check and I would be deemed ready to go home. Now seeing as I was rather pregnant at the time, and all I had had for the past 17 hours was two bottles of sugar water, I was rather famished. I ended up fainting during the third and final blood draw.  Another wait in the sitting area to be sure I was ok to go home, then finally after almost 2 and a half hours I was free to go! And eat! It was about a ten minute walk to the train station and along the way there was a 7 eleven. Thank you Japan for convenience stores everywhere. All I could think about was an onigiri and then getting myself somewhere for a good lunch.  I never made it to the Seven-eleven. Just as I was crossing the street, a guy hit me with his car.

My bum broke his right headlight, and my upper torso slammed onto the hood of his car. I slumped to the ground. After doing a mental assessment of whether or not I was ok, I turned my attention to the driver. I was flabbergasted. The guy had been stopped at the intersection before I began to cross at the pedestrian crossing. It was mid-day and I am an oversized pregnant foreigner. I stand out. There is no way he did not see me unless he was looking exactly the opposite direction of the way he was driving. Angry, I just started lecturing him in English about looking where the f* he was going….yadda yadda yadda. After figuring out I was pregnant, he helped me to the sidewalk where I yet again go faint for a few seconds. Was it shock, or hunger, I will never know. But the driver, in complete shock and dumbfounded as what to do, did the right thing and asked me what he could do. What was the one thing on my pregnant mind. I asked for him to buy me an onigiri from the corner store. After getting him to call me an ambulance, a passerby stopping to help out called the police, and I got me an onigiri! Well, two infact, and a bottle of water. But just then, the ambulance showed up and I was carted off, around the corner and back to the clinic i had just spent my entire morning. At some point I had texted my co-worker, getting her to contact my school and my husband. The clinic strapped me to the baby heart monitor and I got another ultra-sound, showing him flipped over and snug on the left side of my abdomen and sleeping. It was almost like he had run away from the impact inside my womb. And then I waited for my husband. To be continued...

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Wow! What a story! I don't know what I would have done in that situation. That said, I've got a crappy cervix and was hospitalized for about half of my pregnancy, so by the time I was showing, someone would have had to run a car into the hospital to get me.

That is amazing though, and the story isn't even over yet....


@JTsuzuki yeah the next part you get to hear my complaints about medical care and disgruntled feelings with the inability to find a good doctor. Those regrets that I feel but are my fault come into the story too.


@JTsuzuki also, I don't know WHAT I would have done if I had to have been hospitalized during any part of my pregnancy. You have stronger constitution than me for sure.


As others have said, Wow!!
Looking forward to the next part, and hoping it all ends well!!

If I can be a bit trivial, what kind of onigiri did you get?


@DaveJpn haha! Yes! There was a salmon and a seaweed one . I faintly remember the guy who had just stopped to help out scolding the driver because he didn't ask me what kind of onigiri I wanted. I was really glad he got those(magically my favorites) but by that point I didn't care too much.


@edthethe I can't wait to read the rest.

Yeah, bed rest in a Japanese hospital is quite a challenge, but learning to relax and count your blessings is a worthy life skill I acquired there. Also, I skyped the hell out of my family and friends on my phone, rewatched all my favorite DVDs, read the latter half of the Song of Ice and Fire series, finished the face of a quilt I'd been working on for years, and crocheted a number of bags.


'I faintly remember the guy who had just stopped to help out scolding the driver because he didn't ask me what kind of onigiri I wanted.'

He! He! Nice attention to detail. I hope they scolded the driver for something else, too!



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