Mar 25, 2018

How to choose your plants for a balcony garden

How to choose your plants for a balcony garden photoIf you are as unfamiliar with gardening as I am, then you probably need a ton of research to even get started thinking about planting things on your balcony.  If you are wanting to start a garden on your balcony you will need to know what sort of plants you will be able to grow and what you as a person will be able to take care of.  Luckily for you and especially for me, there is a ton of information readily available online. Now, all we need to do is match that information with what you want and what you can get your hands on. 

Let's start with what you can grow. Because your plants will all be in containers, you could possibly (but not likely) take them inside and protect them from the elements. Instead, it might be best to look for something that already does well in your climate. Japan being the tiny island that it is has a vast array of climates. Most information you will find about any sort of plant will include its hardiness. This is basically the level of temperature the plant thrives at and the lowest temperature it won't die. Knowing what your zone is makes picking plants easier. My lovely town of Oizumi happens to be hardiness 9, but when the weather is crazy cold with random snow like this year, I should have brought my plants inside, but at least my fig tree survived.

The next thing you will want to think about is how responsible you are in terms of watering and fertilizing? What plants can take the beating that is your love and care? There are oodles of lists online of vegetables that need little care so you should be able to find something that peaks your interest. Here is one that I have saved of plants that need little care and little sun because I am in need of ideas for my new shady yard.  I already have plans for cauliflower because I can't find it in stores and peas because peas are delicious!

Once you have an idea of all the things that you want to grow, it is just a matter of finding out where you can get them. There is always the option of buying seeds and trying to germinate them yourself.How to choose your plants for a balcony garden photo

I took a trip to my local Joyful Honda just to see if what I could get my hands on and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety available. 

How to choose your plants for a balcony garden photo


How to choose your plants for a balcony garden photo

Chive, endive, and celery

How to choose your plants for a balcony garden photo

I didn't come across any cauliflower, but there was a section of different peas that I am excited about. I guess seeds and some at home germination will be my best bet for the cauliflower. Stay tuned for that and some diy compost in the future.



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