Jul 16, 2018

Getting reprimanded

Getting reprimanded photoThere have been a few times in this country where I have been scolded for what I feel was unnecessary. Some of the times it was outright victim blaming and rather terrifying. Other times it was because of cultural differences in how to raise children. While others it was because I wasn't following rules that I knew nothing about and still don't know why those rules are in place. One particular rule I am currently breaking as I write this. Writing at our local community center on the first floor. There is a play space that I take my son because he loves to build various vehicles out of the blocks they have here. It is great because I can take a break from watching him and just relax knowing he is safe and entertained. He is in a contained area with only myself and nothing that he can break or break him. It is the perfect space to clear my head to write. Except it isn't because I am not allowed to use the children's tables to write on. The reasoning, that isn't their purpose. If I want to write, I have been told, I should go up the flight of stairs and around the corner to the study tables. Clearly, no visibility to the play area and not an option if I want my son to be with me. Scoldings be darned, I still sit and write when the staff aren't looking. In another play area, I was reprimanded for typing on my computer. In that situation, the staff were much nicer and the policy made sense to me. No electronics allowed. The place in mention is meant for moving your body, exploring, and education. Just one of those times where Japan hasn't caught up with the times. Electronics and computers should be explored too. But there is an easy way around this rule other than just ignore it. I write with a pencil and paper and everyone is happy. Myself for not getting scolded anymore and my son because he gets to move his body, explore and learn. All within mommy's loving watch.



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