Dec 5, 2018

Midori Hike and a craft fair

I am quite late in posting about this but seems appropriate because my timing was way off for the hiking event in Midori city anyway. I had gotten so excited about hiking near the place I used to live and right in the neighborhood where a good friend lived, that I jumped the gun and went to Midori to go hiking a weekend early. I really wanted to be able to take my daughters on one of the hikes. They happened to be home with me over the weekend so I took the opportunity to bring them along. This was a great idea even though the event wasn't on. Slightly embarrassed when the staff at the sightseeing information building told me I had to come back the next week for the event, but we found out that there was a small craft fair at the nearby park. I didn't let my little mishap ruin the fun hiking I had in mind, so we took it in stride and wandered around the craft fair before going to the short hike along the river.

Midori Hike and a craft fair photoMidori Hike and a craft fair photo

We made lovely displays from wood and twigs at a free booth at the craft fair. It was amazingly fun. There were so many fantastic stalls of handmade items. I wish I had known and brought money with me. I would have bought so many things maybe it is a good thing I only had enough money for lunch.

Midori Hike and a craft fair photo

The hiking trail was short and sweet. Perfect enough for me to visit twice! I went back just with my son to enjoy it again the following weekend.

Midori Hike and a craft fair photobut I am so grateful we had a chance to go as a family.



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