Oct 30, 2017

Ghost trick-or-treat box tutorial

Always looking for an excuse to reuse the copious amounts of milk or juice cartons that have accumulated in my home, here is an easy tutorial for a cute halloween box.  

You will need

2 paper cartons

wire for handle

paper, stickers, markers, etc for decoration

double sided tape or glue


Cut down the corners of one carton to about the middle. Use the other carton to cut a rounded shape that will be glued to the back of the head creating the shape and adding support.

Tape of glue it down.

Cut the side so you can fold it over and make the arms. You will cut a semi circle and only half the bottom of the semi circle out. Then fold and tape or glue.

The front of the carton is a pointed squiggle, like the "feet" of a ghost.

Add a hat, draw some eyes and a tongue. Then wrap paper around the outside and secure with tape or glue.

Punch a hole in the side to attach the wire for a handle.

and you are finished.



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