Aug 22, 2018

Mint chocolate mochi

There is definitely a mint craze going on this summer and I'm good for it. There have been several things I have loved but that's not what I'm going to share today. Today we are going to talk about this lovely packaged thing. 

Mint chocolate mochi photo

It looks so good right? But don't be fooled like I was. That chocolate outside is not chocolaty like it should be. It is a mochi abomination of something like chocolate. I wrote once probably in my first few blogs on here about the worst omiyage ever. It's sold on Mt Fuji and it is this chocolate mochi horror that came back to haunt me in this mint chocolate sweet. The center part is delicious. But that outer layer kills is so much for me that I gave the rest to my son. Mint chocolate mochi photo

It was packaged into two sleeves, so you could save the second half and keep it fresh while, you know, you find a trash can to accept the second half. My son turned out to be the trash can, but at least he enjoyed this thing more than I did. Mint chocolate mochi photo



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