Apr 26, 2018

Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape

I really don't like to spend much time with personal grooming. That isn't to say that I don't like it. Far from it. I love pampering myself and certainly can get on board with the whole 'beauty is pain' motto. However, I have three children and have about five minutes spaced out throughout the day for myself. I cannot even find the time to go to the hair salon even though I have been wanting to for about six months. And it will probably be another six months more for me to actually get to go. I certainly am not able to shave my legs either. All this hair is such a problem and it just keeps growing. But the biggest concern regarding hair is those on my face. I can't stand my eyebrows looking like a bush even if my legs happen to look like upside down trees. But, plucking each hair one at a time would mean I would have to stop what I am doing every other hair in order to attend to my kids and husband. Waxing would be harder because it is sticky and messy and usually that is what I am distracted by, trying to clean up my family's mess. So, instead, I use this.

Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape photo

They are meant for ripping the hairs, and sanity, off your legs and such but I mostly only use them for my eyebrows.

These are not the strips with wax wedged between plastic. The ones that you peel apart and there is wax on both sides that you are then supposed to slap on yourself and then somehow rip off of yourself taking your hairs with it as well as a little bit of your pride. I can't do those because just like regular wax, they are messy and leave a bit of residue behind.

These have just one sticky side.Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape photo

The glue part is firmer than wax and doesn't leave a residue. It is fantastic.

I am able to cut them into smaller strips so I can have precision when shaping my brows.Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape photo

Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape photo

The first round pulls the oils off of my skin, the second takes away hair. As you can tell from my super pink complexion, I have really sensitive skin, but it doesn't hurt too much. More tolerable than plucking one at a time.

I can also finish the task in less than a minute before my son comes running in trying to steal the scissors I cut the strips with, or my daughters start yelling at each other over who gets to watch what on their tablet.

Epilat Hair Removing Body Tape photo

Lovely eyebrows that I get to then furrow into an angry face as I chase the toddler around and settle more arguments.



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