Nov 30, 2017

The lost kotatsu cord.

We bought our kotatsu at a nearby Hardoff, the resale chain with a funny name, about 3 years ago. When we bought it, it looked brand spanking new. There were no smudges or scrapes or anything. It was impeccable. 

I can't say we have kept it that way. Having three kids use it as their homework table, dinner table and play space has started to take its toll. But it is still perfectly functional...if we could find the darn power cord. 

See, the kotatsu a from 2013, not even 5 years old yet, but it is dated. Recent models all use a three or two prong system.

The lost kotatsu cord. photoOurs is a four prong. So basically we are s.o.l.

I'm off tomorrow to search Hardoff for stray old school and outdated kotatsu cords. 

Wish me luck



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