Oct 24, 2017

Parks closed

As with every typhoon that comes through, the day after is always gorgeous and shiny. After the storm, the sky finally cleared up from a week and a half of non stop drizzle. Finally I could go out and play in a park with my son, stretch my legs, and get some well needed exercise. So I decided to go to the park that is about an hours bike ride. It would be great. we could run around all morning. or not.Parks closed photo

The park was closed due to the typhoon. This was a bit of a new concept to me. Parks don't close. If there is tree debris, you just play around it. It's a park. But not here. Japan really cares for its public places. Even the tiny neighborhood park had city workers sweeping up fallen leaves from the winds. Can't wait for the park to open again though, because I am still yearning to play.



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