Jan 23, 2018

Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes)

Last night it snowed!!!

Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes) photo yay!!! It is somewhat rare in this part of Gunma for it to snow and stick around. 

But this morning when the sun rose, it was gorgeous outside.

Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes) photo

Because it doesn't usually snow here, everyone was in a panic about school and work. Yesterday, before it started everyone, was gossiping about the coming snow. My husband even came home from work so he wouldn't get stuck there over night. 

Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes) photo

Good thing because in the morning he had to rush to change to snow tires.

And my daughters' school?Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes) photo

Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes) photo

We had an extra two hours in the morning to play before they had to be at school.

Everone gets an email about the snow day, each school deciding how to handle it. They also broadcast it on the citywide PA system. I never can understand what it says though.

  When I worked in the town nearby's middle school, they just canceled classes completely on snow days. The students have to bike though. My girls still had school. No fun.

Snow day and Gakkyuheisa (closed classes) photo

Now that everything has become melty and less fun though, my oldest daughter's classes are canceled. 学級閉鎖 From Wednesday through Friday. Why the 5 day weekend? 50 percent of her class has the flu! 

Every year man!

Don't let it come this way.... 

My younger daughter still has to go... even though there are 8 people in her class sick with the flu........ 



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  • genkidesu

    on Jan 24

    Love that snowman! You guys definitely did get quite a bit!

  • edthethe

    on Jan 24

    @genkidesu my son keeps begging to play in the snow. down on his knees, hands clasped pleading "play snow? ok go! let's play snow?"