Jul 14, 2018

More about garbage

Trying to follow the trash schedules even for the most diligent of us will at some point leave you with more garbage than you can handle and a long wait before you are allowed to get rid of it. Perhaps you came down with the flu and things piled over the week being sick. Maybe you were just down in the dumps going through a rough spot and taking out the trash wasn't your top priority. or maybe you have been good about your recycling but are about to move and didn't quite plan ahead. Whatever the reason, you are bound to have just one too many milk cartons on your counter or plastic bottles on your balcony and you just can't stand it anymore. What do you do aside from wait the week or more it'll take where you might accidentally miss that two-hour time frame in the morning to take out your recyclable garbage. Depending on what kind of trash it is, there may be an easier solution rather than just waiting. Don't be that person that clogs up the convenience store trash bins with things from your house and also don't just toss it hidden in the burnable garbage, however tempting it may be.

More about garbage photo

Outside of the majority of grocery stores, or in the front near the registers are recycling stations. The most common recyclables they accept are milk cartons, styrofoam trays, and plastic bottles. Some also accept aluminum cans. Rarer are storefronts that have bins for glass. As far as paper goes, I have seen paper recycling machines all over from libraries to inside the city hall where you can get toilet paper for your recycled paper goods. I do wish there were more options for recycling. Even Japanese have problems with getting rid of their garbage and it is often featured on tv shows about volunteers helping elderly clean out their trash dump houses.



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