Oct 31, 2017

Japanese cheese, a Pinterest fail

Japanese cheese, a Pinterest fail photo

So, I needed a quick and easy recipe that was cheap, easy to prepare and able to be created from ingredients found in Japan. pretzels and cheese. Cheese we can find and pretzels could be replaced by the Japanese snack, Pretz, right?Japanese cheese, a Pinterest fail photo

But the cheese kept breaking, cracking, falling completely apart. I should have expected it. and then, when I finally successfully made a decent looking broom, Japanese cheese, a Pinterest fail photo the Pretz would break.

Anyone with ideas about easy prep recipes that can be made into party food?



American step mom with beautiful Brazilian babies. Raising them in Japan. I'm a crafter too


  • genkidesu

    on Nov 1

    This to me is honestly one of the hardest things about living here! I see all these cute creations that people back home are making, and I can't even bake anything here because I don't have an oven!! Props to you for trying though - you're always so creative!

  • edthethe

    on Nov 1

    @genkidesu ii think my Halloween treats were a bit too last minute. I'll have to start on Christmas ones now and maybe look into Japanese recipes specifically. Not having a real oven is so hard. I'm glad I have my tiny micro wave that also has a baking option, but fitting things into a space smaller than a dinner plate is a struggle.