Dec 31, 2017

Japanese New year's : everything closes

I'll try to keep this the least complain-y as I possibly can but omg Japanese New year's, why you suck so bad?! Ugh!

Ok let me explain. Every New year's, from about the 31st of December until the 3rd of January, everything important closes down; city hall, super markets, hospitals. Hospitals. Why? A few days ago,I went in to get a 24 hour heart monitor. After they strapped it to me and told me to cine back the next day, they also told me that my next appointment was the 16th. That's over two weeks for me to get results. And why? Because the doctor will be busy on the 5th and 6th when the hospital opens again so they will be sending my test in from the 9th. It'll take a week after that. Japanese New year's : everything closes photo

That's my face of panic knowing I'll have another super long wait.

Seriously, New years, I dint think we can be friends any more.



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  • genkidesu

    on Dec 31

    Wait, hospitals close?! I'll deal with the supermarkets and all the other stuff, but hospitals are one of those essential services...I've got nurse friends back home and sure they don't love working holidays but it's one of those "well, it's part of the job" kind of deals! I'm hoping that even with the wait that the New Year brings you good news!