Feb 11, 2018

Exposure and medical checks

There are so many things that I can complain about in regards to my experiences with the health care I've been given in Japan. I don't know if it is just my luck though, that makes some of them bad. However, there is one amazingly nice thing that is ever present in Japan and readily apparent as a woman. Privacy. Particularly when it comes to exposure or anything that would be in the slightest embarrassing. I mean, Japan has a fake flush button to cover ghastly sounds in the restrooms. That is more privacy than necessary, but still nice to have.

The other day, I went in to get basically an ultrasound of my heart. I've done it before in the US, as well, during my senior year of university. I went in, had to change into a hospital gown and pretty much be topless as a guy slightly older than I was at the time rubbed a device over where my heart is.

At the time I didn't think anything of it, the doctor was very professional and I wasn't uncomfortable, but that is the States. That is typically how a doctor's appointment goes.

Well, that day in the Japanese hospital my appointment was specifically scheduled on a day when the female doctor was available. I didn't request it. It was just assumed that I would want a female doctor since they have one. And it was assumed I would want to remain as covered as possible with my back toward the doctor, which now that I know that is an option, I am totally into full coverage. I was covered by cloth 90 percent of the time.

Again, just like in the States, the doctor was very professional and respectful. I did get less of an explanation about what was going on and couldn't look at the monitor this time around. All of the little bits and bobs of everything going on was a nod to preserving my privacy, even from myself. I am certain that if I had asked, she would have been polite enough to answer any of my questions, though.

It was the same when I went in to get my pregnancy verified with my son. There was a curtain between myself upper half and the doctor and my lower half. But as soon as I started asking questions, he pulled the curtain back for me to check out the monitor.

It is great not feeling very exposed in a doctors room. There are plenty of times I have had to lie naked on a cold examing table, but nearly all of those have been in the US.

Japan will never leave me exposed, even partially, even for a moment.

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