Nov 24, 2017

Kyuushoku restaurant, school lunch dining

It's really nice how often there are activities at the kindergartens around town. It is the best time to get a nice look at how they work before having to start comparing schools. This past week there was “Kyushoku restaurant”. It is basically just so they can showcase how the lunch works but it was great fun getting to have lunch with all the kids and some of the local PTA alumni. Before lunchtime, the new mothers like myself and all the children ran around dancing and then enjoyed storytime before going outside. It was perfect to tire my son out before eating. So much he was in tears with how lovely the food looked. And it was lovely. The miso soup had been prepared by the students and then cooked outside on an open fire.


but tears didn't mean that we could eat any sooner. We, of course, had to wait for the ceremonious "itadakimasu". 

The kids were so cute trying to get the gumption to do it in front of so many people.

It was all delicious, and I am excited my son ate some of everything. 



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