Jul 31, 2018

Hiking in ballerina flats

The town I taught English had one of the best activities set up. Because we had such a tight-knit collection of ALTs (English teachers) in our town, once a semester we would have a number of the other ALTs from other schools come to ours for a day of English fun. This meant that almost every month we were able to visit other schools in our area and play English games or have conversations with other students. It would always be exhausting yet refreshing. When the day would finish, we would sometimes have an extra hour in our day to get off early. This also meant that we were in a different part of town than we would usually find ourselves. I took these days as opportunities to explore parts of the town I wouldn't typically tread. This is how I stumbled across one of my favorite spots in my little town at the foothills of the mountain range separating Gunma and Tochigi prefectures. I was idly biking around, sorta half following an old guy on a bike, just wondering where he was headed off to at four in the afternoon when I saw an interesting entrance into a park. I let fate lead me further up and up into the trails, not sure where I was headed. The trails would split but I just went with it and eventually came across other hikers, mostly elderly, mostly all in hiking gear. I began to feel self-conscious of what I was wearing while trekking along the trails. I was in a dress with jeans and ballerina flats. The flats provided just enough protection from the rocks I was climbing over. The more people I passed, the more I noticed their hiking boots and made for the mountains pants and jackets. But I wasn't uncomfortable so I kept going. I enjoyed it. So whatif I didn't look the part. Hiking in ballerina flats photo

On my way down, I met a man in full business attire, patent leather shoes and all. I decided that my ballerina flats were adequate attire.



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