Oct 18, 2017

Frustration with shoes

Kids grow so quickly. I can’t count the number of times I have had to go shoe shopping for these little hooligans. Luckily, as my oldest’s feet are finally big enough to graduate into the adult sizes here, I am a bit relieved. This means I can finally find shoes that actually tie. They are not half held together by velcro like a toddler’s. She is over 10 years old. She should be able to tie her own shoes by now. But every time I go into a children’s section of a shoe store here I am faced with these

Frustration with shoes photo

Once , I found a pair of fully laced shoes in the boys section. Good thing my girl loves to dress in boyish things. Now as she moves on into bigger sizes, she can have more options about what to wear to protect her feet. My younger daughter however, isn’t as lucky. She is dead set on not looking “like a boy” but unfortunately has dainty feet. This doesn't bode well for her love of running because all the shoes just flop off her feet when she bolts it out. The velcro can’t keep up with her speed. Sigh, maybe I’ll just have to dish out the 7000en for the pair of running shoes we saw that she will likely grow out of in 6 months. 



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