Jun 14, 2017

Sent home

Sent home photoOn monday my youngest daughter woke up in the morning covered in red itchy bumps. They were all over her legs and arms and back and even her poor little tush. My first thought was that she had some allergic reaction. She had no fever and no other symptoms aside from the desire to scratch, so I sent her off to school with the plan to take her to the doctor the next day, which I did. However, while at the doctor with my younger daughter, unbeknownst to me, my older also broke out and was sent to the nurse’s office to wait until the school got in touch with me. This means she sat for about 3 hours in the nurse’s office, not in class, because of some itchy bumps on her legs. Finally finished with the doctor, nothing to worry about, I went to drop off my youngest only to be exchanged with my oldest. It’s at this point I’m completely perplexed by the school’s reasoning for sending my oldest home.

 “She hasn’t seen the doctor therefore she might have something dangerous and contagious. So she can’t stay at school.”

“Well what about my youngest? Shouldn’t she stay home too?”

“Oh no, she’s seen the doctor, she can stay”

“But the doctor didn’t actually say she could come to school.”

“Well if the doctor didn’t say she couldn’t, then she can come to school”

“So, then can my oldest because she has the same exact symptoms?(less severe in fact)”

“Oh no, she hasn’t had the doctor say she can come to school.”


And so I’m off to the doctor yet again and my oldest is now missing her second day of school for what I see as no reason at all. Or my youngest is running around possibly spreading a contagious rash if there really is reason.



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  • Kasajizo

    on Jun 14

    I can kinda understand the nonsensical desicion of the school to want to cover their asses juuuuuust in case. However, it is always the parents (and kids) who suffer the most in this sort of situation... Sighs for everyone

  • Tomuu

    on Jun 14

    Mmmm. There seems to be a 'procedure' for everything over here that they are afraid of deviating from even if simple logic would suggest another way of doing things. I'm not so sure about Japan, but I know back home a lot of school policy is increasingly put together based on trying to avoid phone calls from super intense parents, usually to the detriment of common sense I'm afraid.