Jul 9, 2018

Parks around my area

Parks around my area photoLiving in the sorta inaka (Japanese countryside) is absolutely the best place for me and my kids. I love it because there are so many places to explore for free where my kids (and myself) can play. This includes mostly parks and indoor play areas, but they are all free and many of them have the most amazing play equipment. Growing up in the states in the 90s, I noticed the downshift in parks with things to climb on, jump from, and just in general use your body to engage with. But Japan's parks, at least many many many that I have found around where I live now, are like they came out of the 60s or 70s. Any Doctor Who fan would recognize this piece of play art for what it really is. 

Rusted slides or swings is the norm at four of the parks within walking distance from our home. Even more surprising is that there are actually four parks within walking distance from our home! Mind you they are the size of a single plot of land. Parks around my area photoThese smaller parks only have a slide, a swing and the tetsubo (metal bar). 

Parks around my area photo

However, the slightly larger parks, or the ginormous parks that include nature trails and monorails, have the best and most awesomely dangerous play equipment. My favorite is the roller slide. Parks around my area photo They are typically at the top of a hill and can even last a full minute sliding down. The slides aren't the dangerous things though. That honor goes to every single thing that a kid could climb on. Parks around my area photo

This one even has the pleasure of being rusty.

Even if they are a bit dangerous, it is so good for kids to learn what their bodies can do, so I love that my kids can climb and have fun.

Parks around my area photo

They learn what is dangerous so when I am not watching them, they know how far they can go, or what they can use on their own. 

The thing that really sets Japan apart, how cute everything can be. Parks around my area photo




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