Jul 31, 2018

My first time hiking in Japan

The absolute first time I went hiking in Japan, I was invited by my favorite teacher at the school I taught. It was still my first year there and the school year was just starting but I had already been there for a year. The P.E. teacher came up to me jokingly asking if I wanted to join him and the new math teacher for an early morning climb. The first years take a trip every year and spend the night at a lodge then climb some of the hills on Mt. Haruna. He was going to check out the trails' conditions and check in with the lodge to confirm the space for all 70 students the following week. He was making the new math teacher go for some friendly new teacher harassment. He would have to climb that mountain again in a few days, so make him climb it twice. My P.E. teacher didn't realize just how enthusiastic my yes was to his invitation. After he realized I was very serious about joining, he joked about not sleeping in and that he would bang on my door at 5 am sharp. I was so excited, I was waiting outside for them to show up and we were on our way to Mt. Haruna. I wasn't sure what to expect. The only other mountain I had ever been on was in Oregon with a friend's parents. They were way more fit than me and unfortunately made me know just how unfit I was. It had made me feel unfit to climb any mountain, but that day I was willing to try again. And it was the best experience! Because of who I was with, I had encouragement the entire way. The P.E. teacher kept with my pace, made jokes but not about me, and the three of us had a generally great time climbing up. I am very glad this was how I was introduced to Japan's mountains. I may not be any more fit that I was in university, but I know that I am not unfit for Japan's hills.My first time hiking in Japan photo



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