Oct 12, 2017

Cheesy snacks

Many times the homesickness I feel isn't actually about wanting to go home, but just the desire to eat certain foods. Many things I can get while here, or family and friends are kind enough to mail it to me. A small box of snacks can sustain me for some time. However there are times when I want something and don't want to wait the many months it often takes for my next care package..So when I find something in Japan that is a Japanese product, but it is so similar to the thing I was craving, I'm ecstatic. This is one of those times.

Cheesy snacks photoThese taste so much like cheezits. Cheese flavored things are so often a miss here. If you've ever been to Japan and bought a bag of Cheetos, you will know what I mean. The cheese flavor is not right. But they got this one right. And it's so good. Cheesy snacks photoThe whole family loves it.



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