Nov 16, 2017

Karin tea, yay or nay?

Karin tea, yay or nay? photo

So, I was a little doubtful about the karin fruit I received a while back and its magical sore throat remedy properties. I have been given other remedies here as well, including kinkan (kumquat) tea, prepared the same way as this. I love kumquats, but certainly don't feel it did the job.

After living in Japan long enough and getting sick at least once a month during the cold season, I just knew it wouldn't be long before I could test it out. The colds here can be beasts, so I was rather skeptical.Karin tea, yay or nay? photo

Well, I'm now on about the fourth day of a nasty cold and I have to say, I really hope someone randomly gives me random karin fruit again soon. Just a tablespoon in some hot water and slowly sipping it made my tonsils feel just a bit less sore. The taste was also delightful. It tastes a bit like hot apple cider. Karin tea, yay or nay? photo



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