Jul 31, 2018

Birth story pt 2 : the waiting times

Once I found a clinic that I could easily access from both my work and home, I just stuck with it. This was probably a bad decision on my part but the hospital didn't seem so bad the first few months leading up to the birth. There was one problem with the place and it should have been a big red flag to go somewhere else. The wait times were outstanding. I have heard of people waiting two hours before and that now seems completely reasonable compared to the 4 to 6-hour waits I bore through. No matter how early I arrived, there would always be at least twenty names in front of mine when I signed up. I would take a train then walk the ten minutes from the station, so sitting in a car wasn't an option. Instead, I would piddle my time away at the donkihote next to the station for two or three hours before going back and sitting in the waiting room for yet another few hours. I always brought projects to entertain myself and completed a few hand sewn pieces during my pregnancy just by working on them in my wait times. The hugest most obvious sign I should have run away screaming was the day I  had an insanely terrible migraine. That day there were enough people lingering around the waiting room that all the seats were taken and I didn't get a chance to sit down. I was on my feet for several hours with a headache and delirious by the time I saw the doctor. When I finally got home after a normal check-up, I realized I had spent 6 hours in that waiting room, possibly 3 of those hours on my feet. It was the most miserable wait for a doctor visit I had had, and that includes waiting in a hospital for 4 hours with a whopping cough and pneumonia barely able to breathe.

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