Dec 22, 2017

Human rights hotline poster : How do you get your information?

During our fairly informal and unceremonious meeting in which my family received citizenship, the caseworkers asked if we had any questions. After answering our only question about a friend's desire to get citizenship for their daughter, the two then asked us a question. Next door was the Ministry of Justice and they seem to be struggling to figure out how to get their services out to more foreigners. They help with things like discrimination, for example, refusal of apartment rental because of foreign status, which is extremely useful, but if no one knows they are there it means nothing. Living in Brazil town, my husband offered up ads in the free papers. This is how most Brazilians advertise anything. I on the other hand only ever seem to get information from posters and word of mouth. As a matter of fact, that same day, while at our city hall to work on my husband's status as a Japanese citizen, I stumbled upon this. Human rights hotline poster : How do you get your information? photoI’m curious about everyone else. How do you get the most information?



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