Jul 20, 2019

New store nearby

New store nearby photo

I think my town has more drug stores than conveniece stores and grocery stores combined. They recently added a new one just down the street from our house. 

My neighbors and I were discussing how this was both a blessing and a curse. The fact that we can now walk to get anything from food to kids cold medicine until midnight is probably the best thing to hear from any parent. But easy access to snacks and cheap ice cream though.... We will have to up our self control. Also now there will be constant traffic even until midnight on our already narrow road. 

 However, like every place in Japan, we have been compensated for our troubles. Every house on the street received a box of tonics and the owners business card in case there are any troubles down the road. 

So far the store has been open a week. But like with so many new places that pop up in Japan, I wonder how long this store will stay around?



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