Oct 12, 2018

Tobu hiking stamp rally: Imaichi

Tobu hiking stamp rally: Imaichi photoOctober is often the best time to go hiking in Japan. The weather is usually chill and crisp and aside from the occasional typhoon, sunny and clear. This is probably why they're so many events for hiking around this time. I mentioned earlier about Hanyu, but there's also one in Imaichi, a town in Nikko. Nikko is a pretty touristy area especially during fall when the leaves change. This event is bound to be full of people but also beautiful sites. I'm not sure whether or not I can make it out to this one. The event starts October 12th and ends October 22nd. But because it's in a mountainous area, I'm not quite sure if I'd be able to bring my son. If things work out and I'm able to go I really want to. Nico is a gorgeous area. This course is set around Shimo Imaichi station. It's shorter than the course that I went to in Nagatoro and it's shorter than the Hanyu course as well. The registration time is the usual 10 till 11:30. The station is pretty easy to get to from Tokyo area, but from where I am, I have to go out of the way to get there. With any luck, I'll get to go to this one as well. Let me know if anyone is also interested in going. Even if I don't get to go I'd love to hear your stories.



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