Sep 7, 2018

Too much water

With the recent storms, including the typhoon last Tuesday, there has been a lot more water. After the near drought during spring and then the intense scorching heat over summer, I am glad to get some water. However, this is the first year of us living in our new house. I had grown accustomed to city plumbing in the apartments I've lived here and forgotten what it was like to have a septic tank. We had a bit of a scare the other night with one of the thunderstorms flooding the streets and overflowing into our yard. We kept hearing a plop plop gurgling noise between the deafening rolls of thunder. Turns out it was our toilets. There must have been back pressure forcing air back up to the toilets making them bubble up.

Too much water photo

This worries me for future occurrences, especially with typhoon season upon us.



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