Dec 9, 2018

Tobu hiking rally: Yorii

Today starts the Yorii event for the hiking rally. I'm currently waiting for the train to get started. It's a good 12km and the ticket says it takes about 3 and a half hours. There isn't a way page this time, but I did a bit of research on my own and found all of the stops on Google maps letting me know we definitely go into the mountains. Therefore I'm not bringing my son because it would be impossible to lug a stroller around. I'm excited though because my friend is joining and we will meet another friend after. The registration is from 9:30 to 11am but we will meet at 10. It should be great fun seeing as the weather is so nice. The event ends the 16th so of you wanted to go taking around on an easy hike, this is a good opportunity. I'll post about how this and many of my past treks went soon. 

Tobu hiking rally: Yorii photo



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