Apr 7, 2018

What Japan has to say about finding a good doctor's office

Just as much as people love to watch life hack videos on YouTube, Japanese television loves to show hacks about daily living in Japan. Things about losing weight, feeling younger and getting the best out of the everyday places we go to.

I've watched more than one program about where to find the cheapest grocery stores. But like with most of the hacks, sometimes I have to give a little side eye about the kind of advice these experts are dishing out. Sorry to say, but after 30 minutes of the TV declaring the cheapest stores have the cheapest eggs, at least in my area, the grocery store with the cheapest eggs doesn't have the lowest prices all around on meat and veggies, too. They just have cheap eggs.

However, on one of the programs I was watching with my husband about how to find the best hospitals and doctors, we both had to agree about some of red flags to look out for listed by the experts.

First off, if you go into a hospital or clinic and they require you to wear slippers, this is your first sign to go to a better place. According to the experts on the TV, it is because Japan can be stupidly backward with its cockinanny rules that never change, and live so far in the past it can hinder abilities in the present.

I am clearly paraphrasing, but basically, if the hospital isn't ready to get rid of an unsanitary rule of sharing slippers then what else are they not changing that could be potentially unhygienic? This doesn't absolutely mean that the hospital is bad, but you should be wary about its services.

Also, from a personal observation, most of the clinics I have been to that have an entrance and require slipper-shoe exchange, they also have a step up into the clinic and some places don't even have a slope for those who require wheelchair access.

What Japan has to say about finding a good doctor's office photo

An example of a good entrance. The doctor here doesn't care about shoes but definitely cares enough to remember my cold from 2 years before. 

Another red flag that you aren't getting the proper care you deserve comes from the doctors themselves.

You can go into the fanciest of offices with all the new technology, but if the doctor listens to your symptoms, gives a diagnosis and prescribes some pills, all without once glancing up from their clipboard or computer screen, then you might want to find a different doctor. Especially if you feel it is something more serious that needs attention. The reason the experts gave for wanting to avoid doctors like this is because the doctors are treating the patients like they are their symptoms. They aren’t really listening to what the patient has to say. Maybe it is because they have a billion other patients waiting and have just finished with half a million before. Whatever the reason, the patient should be heard. I think in America, if the doctor isn’t willing to look you in the eye, then it is just rude, but in Japan, eye contact isn’t as necessary.



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