Jul 31, 2018

Nanoblock/tiny lego sets at Daiso

Nanoblock/tiny lego sets at Daiso photo

My son's favorite toy is from Daiso. I am certain anyone who has read any of my blogs knows how often I go to Daiso. I pick up a ton of toys for my son as well because they are cheap and I love to see the look of joy on his face as he runs to the register gleefully wagging his new possession for all the world to see. This one was no different however this one was not for him. I bought it because I wanted to make it. It was my toy with the perk of appeasing my son. Once we got home I opened it and got started making the tiny lego shaped puzzle that would so become an ambulance. The ambulance turned into a submarine the moment my son touched it because he lost one of its tires. With his own kid ingenuity, he took the second back tire off as well and attached to the rear like a propeller and swam it around the room. I am incredibly impressed with this set of lego-like toys. They are inexpensive but have afforded us hours of entertainment even past the moment of completion. I am excited to try the animal shaped ones as well, but my son won't be getting his tiny hands on any of those. They have elephants, flamingoes, dogs, cats as well as other vehicles and even a wedding set. I plan to collect as many as I can and build them all while my son takes his naps. This way I can make sure I am able to complete them before he tries to take some parts for his own creations. They will be on display, not broken apart and reconstructed as the many helicopters, airplanes and rockets the ambulance has become. 



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